About The Author

Hi! My name is Julia, mother to the majestic Himalayan cat, named, Luna. I’m married to my childhood best friend, Ben. I grew up in Houston but moved here to Austin for the university to study business administration, and stayed since. I’ve been working in the real estate industry for 7 years. I’m really happy I’ve achieved so many things these past years and it has helped with advancing my career.

I’m constantly setting goals for myself. It’s what motivates me to keep on going. My love for houses probably started when my family built our lake house in Colorado. I was young back then but I remember how much I love watching the process of our house getting built. But also, both my parents were in the real estate field too, so I guess that’s more where it came from.

Two years ago, I started my own online business. It’s a hobby turned into a business kinda thing. Which I’m really excited about. And despite the pandemic, it has been doing really well. I created this blog to inspire people and to help them with their business and/or real estate questions. Which are both very important to me. xx