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4 Exterior Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

Home sales are booming, so it’s never been more important to set your house apart from others.

Improving your house is a must to increase your home value in this market. Yet, sellers often shy from the idea of renovations, worrying them too expensive and complex.

While you should consult a home value calculator to determine the most cost-effective route to take for you, many exterior upgrades cost less and are easier than interior renovations. Take a look at these top outdoor home upgrades.

1. Beautify With Blooms

You may already have flowers in your yard, but consider expanding your garden to cover more of your yard, with a focus on where the yard meets the street. Among all the possible home upgrades, this is one of the least expensive and easiest.

On the most basic level, flowers improve curb appeal and make people smile. If you put some added thought into your selection, you can benefit from a trick of the eye. Putting blooms similar to the color of your front door near the front of the property can make your house appear larger.

2. Camouflage Your Garage Door

Because the garage is one of the more functional areas of the house that most people don’t use for pleasure, homeowners sometimes neglect its appearance. While you might not think twice about your scuffed garage door as you drive in and out, prospective buyers don’t want a house with an ugly garage door.

Ignoring this feature could be the reason a buyer passes over your house for someone else’s. The cheapest, most practical option is often to paint the garage door a color similar to the home’s siding.

Most garage doors aren’t attractive and trying to put lipstick on a pig isn’t worth your time. Neutralizing the door with a coat of paint makes it a nonissue for the typical buyer. This upgrade is a quick way to increase the value of your home compared to leaving the garage door unpainted.

3. Replace Your Home’s Siding

When your home’s siding is worn or damaged, replacing it is a great way to raise your home’s value. If your house is clad with wood and the paint is chipping, consider investing in new siding instead of repainting the current boards.

Check out a flooring website to learn about different varieties of sturdy, manmade materials that never require repainting. Buyers will value the promise of reduced maintenance costs.

4. Give Your Drainage System a Boost

Many exterior home upgrades deal more with aesthetics than they do with appearance, but there’s one all-functional exterior upgrade buyers covet. Flooding is more common than ever, so good property drainage is a must.

Hiring a landscaping company is one way to make the upgrade both effective and attractive. Gravel gardens and dry trenches are a couple of popular decorative ways to relieve your yard of stormwater.

Increase Your Home Value With Essential Tips

Completing these easy exterior home upgrades is a no-brainer. A little bit of time, money, and effort is all you need to increase your home value.

If you want more handy tips to help increase your home value and make the most of every dollar, you’re on the right website. Click on another article to pick up more essential tips and tricks for homeowners.