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Don’t Do These Mistakes When Flipping Houses

Many people who are trying to flip houses might have hard someone telling them that it is easy to do. And let’s be honest, it does sound and look so easy so that’s why many people fell for it. And then they got hit by the reality that flipping a house is in fact, difficult.

While it is true that many homes are getting flipped every day and the number of flipped houses is even getting higher. But the practice of flipping a house and getting profit from it is far from being easy.

For people who are trying to flip houses for the first time, it is important to learn the basics first. And in this article, I am going to present you with a list of common mistakes that people do when flipping houses.

Not having enough money

This may sound funny to you, but it happens quite often. The reason is that people underestimated how expensive investing in real estate is. You don’t just buy a house and sell it later, you also have to negotiate the best price, repairs the house, and negotiate again.

Another mistake of the same nature is borrowing money to finance the property. When you are borrowing money, you are required to pay interests, which are going to affect your profit. Once it gets from bad to worse, you might have to increase the price of the property just to break even.

Neglecting repairs

Repairing the house that you just bought is a must, otherwise, no buyers are going to be interested. It is a common mistake to either underestimating or miscalculating repair costs. To make sure that you get the right estimate on the repairs, you’ll first want to work with an agent to see which parts of the house need repairs the most.

Repairing only what is needed and within a reasonable price range is the key to maximize your profit. Go ahead and work together with your trusted contractor when viewing a property. Get a quote from them and see if you can adjust it again later.

Taking on a big project

I have mentioned above how many beginners underestimate the difficulty of flipping houses. This leads them to take a project that is too big for them to handle. While aiming high is great, taking on too much can overwhelm you and even worse, make you lose money.

There are so many kinds of properties that you can flip. Some properties require certain specialties to calculate the exact costs and budgets. Without these specialties, high chances are that you are going to pay too much and earn too little.

Errors and mistakes are going to happen, and it is your job to minimize them. A big project requires you to focus on many things at once. And it is so easy to lose track of things, that’s why try to start small and gradually increase the scale of your projects.

Not understanding the local market

For real estate investors, the local market is everything. Buying a great property, repairing it until it looks appealing, marketing the property – everything you do is useless if you don’t know the local market.

You must do your research before buying a house. See what people in the area are looking for. You don’t want to buy a luxury house in the middle of a working-class neighborhood.

Too much repair

The idea of repairing a house is to make it better than before but still net you as much profit as possible. It is not productive to repair parts of the house that still look good. Even worse, when you are considering a chef’s kitchen or crown molding for example, for a modest house.

Get a sense of what the house is going to look like once the repairs are done. Calculate the new price tag when the house is ready to be sold. Then adjust the repair budget accordingly.


It is always important to learn from others’ mistakes. When flipping houses, you should only be focusing on how to sell the house and get the most profit possible. Do your homework and avoid all these common mistakes.