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Property investment – 5 simple ways to succeed

The world of real estate can be unforgiving. Many beginners have tried and failed, and never dared to even try again. While others have tasted successes and failures all the same. But what makes everyone’s experiences different? What separates success and failure?

In this article, we are going to about some simple ways to succeed in property investment. These methods are designed for beginners who want to dip their feet into the world of property investment without going in blind.

Choose your market and timing wisely

When it comes to property investment, market and timing are two things that you can’t ignore. For many successful real estate investments, it is crucial to know and understand your specific real estate market. Not every property is the same and each has its own real estate market.

You might have heard of hot markets before. It’s always recommended avoiding hot markets like the plague. Some real estate investors may brag about the rising rates, but for buyers or investors who are trying to get in, hot markets could make you lose your money.

Now let’s move on to timing. The whole real estate market is always moving and evolving, depending on the demand and supply and many other factors. Admittedly, predicting the timing can be very difficult even for veterans.

Now what you are after is markets that are in the process of expanding. Because when this is happening, sales and prices are rising, affordability is perfect, costs of construction are low, and capital investment is still rising.

Hidden market is your golden ticket

Some people just want to sell their properties fast. And These kinds of sellers are your way to buy a property below the market value. But remember that some properties are not worth buying despite the lower price tag.

For example, foreclosure auctions can yield you many deals, but then you might have to put a lot of money into repairs. On the other hand, distressed sellers remain the best solution. Think of people who are going through a diverse, people who want to get money quickly, or people who want to sell their old parents’ homes.

Know the market

Again, not every market is the same. Your job is to know and understand the markets and proceed accordingly. By understanding your real estate market, you will be able to evaluate the price of a property and sell it to the right buyer.

A typical house in a community may be worth more or less compared to the one in another community. The same thing goes for how much money you can get from a buyer. If you know how to improve your property, i.e. precise repairs, then you can get even more money.

The best property isn’t always the solution

This is a very common mistake in real estate investment. Buying the best property isn’t always the best course of action. Since the aim here is to get profit from your property, you need to sell it on time.

Let’s say that a real estate investor is buying a home in a working-class area, then renovate it and turn it into a luxury home. Do you think they can find a buyer? I don’t think so. You definitely can’t sell that home, and you will just waste your money away.

The solution here is investing in best-in-class properties. Fix anything that is broken or damaged, then find out how much more money you should invest. The key is to find the balance between increasing the value and affordability.

Know the rule and regulations

This should be the obvious one and the first thing you learn before becoming a real estate investor. Don’t do something like turning a basement into a second rental unit before knowing whether it’s against the law or not. Always play it safe and smart before your investment is getting you into trouble.

On that topic, get several home insurance quotes before choosing a provider. It’s important to make sure you’re covered incase of fire, flood, natural disaster and whatever else life can throw at you.


Property investment isn’t easy, but you can definitely make it easier by following the solutions above. Remember that you are dealing with real people who have different needs and preferences. By choosing your property, market, and buyer properly, you can become a successful real estate investor.