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What Are the Common Reasons for Selling a Home?

When you think about some of life’s most stressful events, divorce, applying for college, and going in for an important job interview probably come to mind. However, 44% of Americans say that moving tops the list of life’s most stressful events.

And yet, moving is something that people do literally every day. So, why do people move? What are some of the most common reasons for selling a home and putting yourself through that stress?

We’ll take a closer look at some of the most common reasons to sell a home in this short guide. Let’s dive in!

Change of Scenery

After living in your home for years, you might get to the point where you’re just ready for something different. You might be looking for a change of scenery in your town or neighborhood, or you could be looking to change your actual home so you’re not staring at the same walls each and every day. 

In some cases, you might have a lot of work to do in your current home and instead of taking that on, you’d rather sell it and start with a clean slate. In that case, visit for tips on how to sell a house in poor condition.

Lifestyle Changes

As you get older, you’ll experience different phases of your life, which are often marked by moving. For example, you might need to go through the home selling process when you experience any of the following life events:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Having children
  • Death of a family member
  • A job change
  • Relocation

As life’s circumstances change, then your housing needs may change too, which sometimes prompts a move. 

Needing More (or Less) Space

Similarly, you may find yourself in a situation where the current size of your home no longer fits your needs. If your family is growing, you may need more room to accommodate everyone. Or, if someone in your family experiences an accident that leads to mobility issues, you may need to sell your home so you can buy one that’s bigger and more accessible. 

As you get older and your kids move out, you might realize that your home now feels too big, and you’d prefer to downsize to better accommodate your current phase of life. 

Financial Circumstances

Another common reason that people end up selling a house is due to financial changes. If you get a new job where you’re making significantly more or less money, you may want to sell your home to buy a place that’s more in line with your new income. 

Or, if you receive an inheritance, you might realize that you want to put your current home on the market and buy something that you wouldn’t have been able to afford in the past. 

When Selling a Home Is Necessary

Even if you love your current home, you may find yourself facing any of the circumstances that we outlined above at some point in your life. In that case, selling a home may be what you need to do. 

As you prepare to buy or sell, be sure to explore our real estate content for more helpful articles like this.